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Wisconsin Ginseng Habitat

Two Oceans is pleased to introduce the first in a series of videos documenting Wisconsin Ginseng habitat, production, and qualities.

Wisconsin's stunning habitat, pristine climate, and heritage practices passed down for generations make Wisconsin Ginseng the finest American ginseng in the world.

This video presents the landscape of Wisconsin's ginseng country. In the autumn, clean, golden straw is spread to insulate ginseng plants from Wisconsin's frigid cold. Post are driven into the fields to support the black shade cloth which shields the plants from the summer sun. As winter approaches, the shade cloth is removed to prevent damage from the weight of snow. After at least three years, ginseng plants are carefully harvested, cooled, washed, dried, inspected, graded, and packaged.

Two Oceans Wisconsin ginseng is sourced only from a select group of Wisconsin's finest producers.


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