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5% Discount on all purchases using Bitcoin

Bitcoin accepted here! now accepts Bitcoin payments! Starting today, you can use the honey badger of money to make fast, secure, convenient, unstoppable purchases of our world renowned Wisconsin-American ginseng and related products. Bitcoin's use is rapidly expanding and is already accepted by over one-hundred thousand online merchants. Because it can be conveniently sent across the Internet directly between buyer and seller, Bitcoin cuts out financial middlemen like credit card companies and first-generation online payment services. These qualities make Bitcoin payments especially attractive for our customers ordering from overseas, and a convenient alternative payment method for all our customers.

Bitcoin is the most convenient, efficient, private, secure, and cost-effective payment method we support — and we pass the savings on to you with a 5% discount on all orders paid in Bitcoin. Just use the coupon code BITCOINS at checkout to enjoy these savings.*

To learn more about Bitcoin visit Purchase Bitcoins by visiting, or by finding a Bitcoin ATM machine in your neighbourhood. Discover other merchants accepting Bitcoin at

* Note: the coupon code may be used only for orders paid for using Bitcoin. Orders placed using this coupon code but not paid for in Bitcoin must unfortunately be cancelled. We are sorry our software is not smart enough to know the difference.

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