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Traditional shop houses in front of modern skyscrapers, Singapore

Two Oceans Wellness was founded by a group of young professionals brought together by an appreciation of American ginseng's contribution to their success and wellbeing. We came to realise that many of our friends and colleagues, members of a younger generation, had lost touch with the life-enhancing qualities of this ancient plant. In researching ginseng, we also came to learn that demand for the plant was driving wild ginseng to extinction.  We decided to start a company to help introduce a new generation of people to American ginseng's many benefits while promoting excellence in traditional and sustainable ginseng cultivation.

American ginseng's history in Asia is a long story of friendship and trade; connecting people across the seas, and across time, in a cooperative exchange that fosters understanding, peace, and wellbeing. Wisconsin is the originator and preserver of an unequalled tradition of excellence in ginseng cultivation stretching back generations. We find this unique tradition inspiring and wish to help adapt the wisdom of the past to the circumstances of the present and be part of ginseng's future story.

Two Oceans Wellness is proud to be the exclusive distributor of certified Wisconsin ginseng in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.  


Our Story

Our Mission

Today's Wisconsin ginseng gardeners must struggle against mass produced, inferior ginseng products and abundant counterfeiters. Two Oceans Wellness has a social mission to ensure that Wisconsin's ginseng growing traditions and the livelihoods of ginseng growers are protected.  Doing so will ensure our customers have access to the best American ginseng in the world for generations to come.


Two Oceans Wellness seeks to benefit our customers by being a responsible partner to the ginseng industry.  Our company strives

  • be a trusted source of natural, uncontaminated, and authentic Wisconsin ginseng for the Asian market and beyond;

  • to work directly with local farmers and cooperatives that provide ginseng of the best quality and support fair and ethical international trade;

  • and to help Wisconsin growers preserve the ancestral arts of ginseng gardening and support the local communities that build their livelihood on ginseng's cultivation.

Headquartered in Singapore, Two Oceans Wellness maintains offices and representatives in Wisconsin so that we can work closely with Wisconsin ginseng growers and ensure a direct line of supply to our customers.  Our business has no borders and we are happy to ship to customers across the globe.

Our Locations

Wisconsin ginseng seeds, ready to plant

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