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Introducing Garden Grade™ Wisconsin Ginseng

Young Wisconsin ginseng plants, under the cooling shade of traditional lattice.  Marathon County, Wisconsin.

Did you know that the plot of land on which ginseng is grown is properly termed a ginseng 'garden'? Perhaps this is because a crop of ginseng is carefully tended over many years like a dear and delicate garden plant; or perhaps it is because ginseng must be protected from the hot sun and the shade provided by enclosing wooden lattices creating the comfort and seclusion of private garden; or perhaps it is because rearing ginseng takes the craft, attention, and devotion of a dedicated artisan husbandman — a man or women whose undertaking more closely resembles that of a 'gardener' than a 'farmer'. It is in celebration of the ginseng garden, and ginseng gardener that we created our 'garden grade' Wisconsin ginseng.

Garden grade ginseng is sourced from from small-scale growers whose fewer precious plants mean a fuller share of their attention.

After that the value of our Garden Grade ginseng comes more from what we leave out than from what we put in. Ginseng is often pruned of its 'arms', 'legs', and small branching rootlets to create the familiar finger-like ginseng root often seen in shops; however, not only does this take extra work, it takes something away from the plant. A ginseng plant's arms and legs still contain plenty of beneficial ginsenosides and pack plenty of flavour. We leave these otherwise discarded parts of the roots attached and pass the savings and the benefits on to you.

Ginseng grown from the same seeds on the same plot of land produces roots of many different sizes and shapes — even from plants growing right next to each other. For this reason, ginseng sold in shops is often sorted or 'graded' into roots of similar length and width to create a consistent product. Also, many people want roots with only certain proportions and grading roots in this way is how ginseng providers help these customers. Our Garden Grade ginseng brings you ginseng just as it grows in nature: a random assortment of sizes, shapes, and characteristics. Here too, we pass the variety and varied benefit of natural ginseng roots on to you.

Garden grade ginseng roots are ideal for breaking into small pieces to make tea, for use in cooking, or simply to nibble on throughout the day. They are the product to pick for those who want Wisconsin-American ginseng in its basic, natural form and variability.

A portrait of the Garden Grade ginseng product displayed in its online retail packaging and adorned with an orchid

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