Our premium Wisconsin ginseng capsules are crafted using 100% Wisconsin ginseng root powder encased in a vegitarian capsule without any fillers, binders, or additives.  The ginseng powder is manufactured using an advanced freeze drying process that results in an ultra-fine powder more easily and quickly assimilated to the body.  These capsules are manufactured in Singapore according to strict quality standards established by the Singapore Health Science Authority (HSA) and are sold as a licensed Chinese Proprietary Medicine (CPM) product.


About Ultrafine Powder

Two Oceans Ultrafine Powder process combines the traditional crushing process of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with modern high-performance preparation technology.  Ultrafine powder maintains the inherent efficacy of American ginseng while reducing its particle size to less than a micron and breaking the cell wall for faster bioavailability to the body.


Four Characteristics of Ultrafine Powder

  • Made by breaking the cell walls of ginseng, hence easily absorbed by the body (bioactivity)
  • Retains the characteristic taste properties and efficacy of ginseng
  • Introduces no granules of impurities or starch
  • More concentrated and purer the normal powder


Premium 100% Pure Wisconsin Ginseng Capsules


    Our Ultrafine Pulverisation Process has the Following Advantages

    Enhances Dissolution rate Bioavailability Efficacy
    Reduces Usage amount Raw material consmuption Product cost



    Comparison Between Ultrafine Powder and Traditional Extracts or Granuals


    Ultrafine Powder

    Traditional Extracts/Granules

    Basic Preparation Method

    Superfine pulverisation to 300 mesh

    *Cell wall breaking rate > 90%

    Original drug extraction and concentration

    *Added starch or other binders and fillers

    Concentration Rate



    Raw Material Usage



    Raw Material Utilisation




    Retains all active ingredients

    Discards some parts of unknown active ingredients

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